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Guide your Journey to Dream Private School

   ✔ 1-on-1 individually tailored courses 
   ✔ Help at any stage of the application process
   ✔ Experienced admission consultants

Why Choose Application Adventure?

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 We individually tailor courses to fit the needs and aspirations for each student. 

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Sharing Our Personal Experiences

Have the upperhand of learning from our tutors' personal application insights.  

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Qualified Tutors

Our tutors have all gone through this application process and have placed themselves at some of the most prestigious private high schools.

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Ongoing Support

Have any further questions or something you are unsure about? Reach out anytime and we will be happy to help.


Application Adventure Program Overview

Academic Counseling

School Selections/Research

Application Planning

Interview Preparation

Essay Workshopping

Strategy Development


Elise Z.

Attends Andover

"I took the private option and I thought that this program was very helpful and provided a lot of useful information. The classes were engaging and there were many specific portions that were subjective to me. Michael and Chelsea were very friendly throughout both classes and they provided helpful materials that definitely aided me in my application process."

James X.

Attends Andover

"Application Adventure really helped point me in the right direction. The two instructors were very knowledgeable, and they showed me every tip and trick that would be useful for my future. They shared their own experiences in thorough detail, and helped me understand the entire application process as well as how to excel at it. If you are eager to attend private high schools, then this class is just for you."

Lucy D.

Attends Choate

"I have taken the private classes, and I would recommend it for everyone interested in applying to boarding school. The classes are engaging as well as informative, cramming a lot of information into their hour-long class. They go over everything, from the essay, what dorm life is like, the interview, and even anti-procrastination tips. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would recommend it to every applicant."

Mission Statement


We began Application Adventure with a vision to guide each and every student to put their best foot forward. 

Our goal is to connect prospective students with the crucial information and strategies that will help foster confidence, self-authorship, and connection.

Our experiences at boarding school have been life-changing for us, and we wish to give our students a leg up in the application process so that they can experience it for themselves one day.

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